Sunday, December 30, 2007

My first post just two days before the New Year

I am a Montessori Primary teacher who has decided to create a blog so as to note Montessori moments with my students and to ramble on about my own abstract ideas about teaching young children. I have named my blog after the title of a poem I recently wrote.

The Moveable Alphabet
After a morning of
Helping some write
Short poems about
Flip flops and pony tails,
I view two boys lay
One same consonant
On top of another.
I have witnessed sunbathers
Pile beach stones;
The smaller balanced on the larger.
Stone temples left for
Others seeking the same.
I have seen the faithful
Fingering their japa malas.
A mantra repeated after
Each nimble tap of a bead;
Sacred coupling of prayer and touch.
I have watched Indian dancers
Tap their fingers together
So purposefully that
My own began to pulse.
A fingered expression of devotion.
Again, I observe the two boys
With the plastic, blue and red,
Moveable, cursive shapes;
Eyes and hands synchronized.
I sing a silent chant, say a
Final poem and end my day in
Praise of small children.

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Beverly said...

This is great! You just started, yet you have photos, links, essays and ideas. You're off to a running start.