Monday, April 7, 2008

Photographic Album #2

Here are a few snapshots of the work done by the children last week:

Flowers were pressed.

Grasshoppers were made

and butterflies too.

A garden was painted

and the sun came out from behind the clouds.

Buttons were sewn in place.

A son stitched a pillow for his Dad.

Carrots were scrubbed, peeled, cut and served.

A child successfully placed counters for numbers 11-20.

A lesson on the Analysis of Numbers and Notation on Paper was given. After the child placed all of the cards and the golden bead materials out, he lifted a single unit in one hand and a one thousand cube in the other and said: You can see that this is so much larger than that so it must be more!

I worked with the blue triangle box.
Yes, I too love being a Montessori student!

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