Thursday, November 6, 2008

Illuminated Letters - Second Exercise

Today the third and fourth year students were given block outlines of the first letter of their first names. They were instructed to find their letter in the illustrated dictionary used in our class and to pick something that started with their letter to use in their design. It was a wonderful exercise as so many of the children were amazed at the number of familiar words they had to choose from. They were pleasantly surprised. Emma decided to use eight eggs in her letter E. It wasn't long before they had each picked an object to use. I selected a few pictures of the works in progress and finished. Enjoy!


Here are four finished illuminated letters done by my older students -

J is for Jeans and for Jack:

S is for Seven: (Jack's work also. The S is for his last name.)

Z is for Zero and Zoe:

M is for Magnet and Meaghan:

All four -

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