Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clay Success Leads to New Scissor Work

The clay area is a hit. Just over the past few days the children have done some wonderful work. Here are a few samples:

Below: After a lesson on the continents map and the globe, which included me making a clay globe, cutting it across its equator into two hemispheres and flattening them, this 2nd year student repeated the entire lesson with the clay. Tomorrow she will began painting very small continents on the clay discs -

Below: My youngest student manipulates the clay:

Below: A kindergartener makes a volcano after a lesson on the same:

I decided to compliment this good work with a new scissor activity. See below -

First I showed the children the pot (Volcano) made earlier in the day and an example of a finished pot. I talked about the shape of the pot and the designs on the pot. I talked about how people all over the world have been making clay pots throughout history. I described how a pot could hold water, food, oils and soil for a plant.

Then I showed them a folded piece of paper with half of a pot drawn on it:

I showed them how to cut out the pot with a pair of scissors:

Next, I described the next step which was to complete the pattern on the other side of the pot:

Lastly, I added more design to the pot using colored pencils:

It would look so much nicer using brown paper - but I will wait until a child comes to me and says, "You know Miss Dyer, it would look really like a pot if we used brown paper." And I will answer with a smile, "That is a great idea. I'll go and get the brown paper and met you at your table." I love the look in a child's eyes when they think they have added to one of my presentations their own bit of insight and wisdom - because they have and will.

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