Friday, November 18, 2011

The Head or the Face?

Two of my elders were illustrating a handout at the start of the day this morning (I provide these on occasion as warm-up work). The work that they were doing was truly amazing considering one is 5 1/2 and the other is 6. One of the students did the above work. It will be completed tomorrow. When I walked by their work table, I overhead one of the girls asking for clarity from the other regarding a statement she had made.

"Are you talking about the head or the face?" she asked. "The head is the entire upper shape of the skull, not just the front of it but the back and the sides, too." Then the student stopped and used her hands to illustrate the entirety of the head. "The face is the front of the head including eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks - all of the face. So are you illustrating the head a certain color or the face?"

Lately, I have heard many similar conversations between the elders. Their lunch table is like a dinner party where the guests discuss religion, art, literature and mathematics. They are forming ideas, questioning themselves and their peers. They are maturing and growing confident enough to debate with each other on a wide range of subjects. They are already preparing to leave the environment. When June 2012 arrives, they will be ready to take flight.

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