Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celebrating Renilde Montessori


I was fortunate enough to have met Renilde Montessori and to have engaged in conversation with her. What do I remember about this remarkably graceful woman ? That she was an avid doodler. She drew the most amazing, complex and artistic doodles that I have ever seen. It is the small details we remember. She was a petite woman with an enormous vision. Farewell Renilde Montessori, farewell.

Follow the link to view AMI's recently released collection of tributes celebrating her life - Renilde Montessori


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Sandra said...

I too was fortunate enough to know Renilda Montessori 20 years ago. I will never forget being the first child (I was in training to become a Directress)in her class and she was presenting me "Boxes & Bottles" in front of the class. It was intimidating at first but there was something about her presence that made me feel special.Even today after 20 years of teaching,every time I present this exercise, I think of her and what she instilled in me...the passion I have daily to inspire children and enable them to reach their full potential! She believed in me then and saw something in me...she enabled me to reach my full potential!!

I took out my albums and found kind and encouraging words from her.

I was one of the lucky ones to be inspired by such a remarkable woman!

She will be missed but never forgotten in my classroom as I often share stories of her to my 'little' friends!