Saturday, April 13, 2013

Over The Rainbow - Art with the Elderly

A rainbow or snowbow, as someone recently called one when it was...well, yes, snowing out, is such a favorite image to paint by artist of all ages. That was the project led by the art instructor from our local Alzheimer's Association this past week. I even painted one. What was truly wonderful was just how different each of them came out. Some chose the traditional, pastel colors associated with the rainbow and others adjusted that palette by electing to add the colors that appealed to them that moment. One participant added words to hers and it reminded me of an art book I had seen years ago at Whitney Art Gallery in NYC.

Before the instructor started the activity, she played a CD of Judy Garland singing her classic version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." So participants could sing along, she passed out copies of the lyrics to each of them. This was a wonderful way to get everyone in a rainbow painting mood.

Here are a few of the paintings done by the seniors. I added my box kite version of a rainbow held by a seafaring me on the small sailboat I hope to own one day. No pot of gold for me. I want a boat to catch the wind in and to sail across Alaska's bountiful bodies of water.

Paintings done by the seniors:



 My box kite rainbow:

Two more paintings done by two different seniors:


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